Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Get the Official Skyrim Prima Guide Now!

Get the official Elder Scrolls V Prima game-guide now! Save big here, over 40% off list price!


  1. Are there really people who are going to buy this? If so, what are they like? "Screw exploring this amazing, gigantonormous world - I'd rather just do what the book tells me to do." You know what I mean?

  2. I personally like having the guide to compliment the game that I'm playing (like oblivion). I don't really follow what the guide says to do, but I think its kinda cool to weigh your options and see what the possible outcomes are for certain actions before you commit to a game changing decision. Just my thoughts on it though, but ILL BE BUYING IT FOR SURE!! :D

  3. I also bought the guide for Oblivion but not until I had already finished just about every quest in the game. It was a nice book to have just to dip in and out of and remind myself of the fun I'd had. The maps as well are always enjoyable to pore over. My wife bought me the hardback version of the Fallout New Vegas guide, which again is a very well presented book, great for just picking up and glancing through. The only thing was, she bought it for me when I had just got the game so I had to very careful what I looked at as I definately didn't want any spoilers!