Sunday, June 5, 2011

Skyrim and the New Engine Details

We've all heard about this new engine for the ES V game from Bethesda, but what does this mean about the actual game? And for some of us, what the heck is an engine doing in a video game that doesn't have cars?? With some information from, the engine has been explained.

It's called "Creation Engine" and it (and of course the game developers) is responsible for the intense level of detail we are expecting in the upcoming RPG. Engines are actually "how" a game is made, providing a way to control physics, sound, animation, memory management, and even A.I.While the geniuses at Bethesda have done wonders with the seemingly lesser previous engines, gamers must also appreciate the abilities of the Creation Engine.

So what does a new engine bring to the Elder Scrolls release? Everything from the unscripted dragons (you knew that right?) to the new radiant A.I. to the way the game is just played! Todd Howard told IGN "Because our worlds are so big all of the lighting has to be dynamic. That's something we had a little bit of in the past with shadowing, but not on everything. Now we have it on everything. It just makes the whole thing a lot more believable when you're there."

Let's put it this way - with the new game engine, you won't see the A.I. simply walking the same steps back and forth or a sky without birds. Thanks to the improvements of gaming technology, we now have dragons.

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