Sunday, June 5, 2011

Latest Skyrim information thanks to PlayStation Magazine

The latest issue of PlayStation Magazine included a nice amount of fresh information regarding the latest game in the Elder Scrolls Series, Skyrim.  The Bounty system has been updated, making the bounties you attain non-global.  This means that a crime will only be reported in the city it was committed, unlike the Oblivion crime system.  Also, the guards are not leveled extremely high as they were in oblivion, making it possible to resist arrest without being completely obliterated.

A new weapon has been confirmed: a torch.  Yes, you can now use a torch as a weapon while dual wielding another weapon/item.  However, you will not be able to dual wield a torch and any magical item, and the torch will be forced to be the off-hand item.

However, there is some seemingly bad news in the new PlayStation article. Bethesda has confirmed that the Hand to Hand skill will be REMOVED. It's sad to see H-t-H go, but in retrospect the skill needed a ton of work in order to fit in Skyrim.

The article goes on to talk about how much work Bethesda is putting into making Skryim feel more real.  Bethesda is aiming at eliminating the "fake" feeling of the quests like in Oblivion by creating dynamic quests. This means that the quests will revolve around what your character has done and accomplished in the game.  Indeed this should make for a unique gaming experience for everyone.

To see the pictures released in the PlayStation article, scroll down to the previous posts.

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